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We are no longer taking applications for our 2015 Fairy Festival Vendors,  but there are still plenty of volunteer opportunities available!!

Email for more details.









Release your Inner Wild and Celebrate the Retro Natural Spirit

 Childrens Garden Parade

The Mother Earth Fall Festival is dedicated to the spirit of Mamma Terra, our small beautiful home, planet Earth.  Each year we gather to appreciate the abundance of life, express our artistic creativity, and share our knowledge in a fun, educational format.


The Mother Earth Fall Festival provides the surrounding York County community with opportunities for creative expression and learning.  Spoutwood Farm’s mission of healthy living on healthy land is supported by the Fall Festival in offering interactive demonstrations and workshops on sustainable living practices and artistic creativity.  The festival is an appreciation and caring for Mother Earth, enrichment of our community, and a celebration of the beauty of the season.

  • Live Local Music & Drum Circles
  • Creative Expression and Sustainability Workshops
  • Local artisan vendors
  • Local food & Green Drinks Demos
  • Creative performance
  • Crafts and Games
  • Scarecrow making and Costume
  • Spoutwood CHEFS cooking demos and competition

·         Garden to Table Soup and Salad demonstration

·         Make your own energy bites

·         Quesadilla Cook off

  • Children’s Yoga
  • Demonstrations on green living and sustainability practices and interactive& fun learning opportunities for the entire family


Release Your Inner Wild & Celebrate the Retro Natural Spirit

Release you r inner wild at Spoutwood Farm’s 10th Annual Mother Earth Fall Festival.  Enjoy local artists, musicians, and performers.  Participate by coming in your finest autumn attire.  Whether it’s a scarecrow costume for our 1st Annual Scarecrow Costume Contest, an autumn or harvest fairy, or nature spirit, we can’t wait to see everyone as their most unique, imaginative, and family friendly selves!


Celebrate the Retro Natural Spirit

The Mother Earth Fall Festival highlights our respect for sustainable and green practices.  Many of which practices were practiced by our parents and grandparents.  The festival not only promotes newer green alternatives but also celebrates the wonderful, traditional practices of our past that were green and sustainable before they became today’s trends. 


General Information


  • September 20th and 21st 2014
  • 10 am until 5 pm
  • Admission is $8 for adults
  • Free for children 12 and under 
  • Parking is $5.00 per car. Oversized vehicles (including buses) are $20.00.
  • Theme:  Celebrate the retro natural spirit and release your inner wild
  • Pre-registration is required for some workshops so make sure to visit for details. 


 Performances by:

·         Shane Speal

·         Jasper the Tourist

·         Jessica Starr

·         Keith Engle

·         Zac Anger

·         Debe Stagmer

·         Moxie and Mayham,

·         EMC Dance Troup

·         Wild Hymns

·         And more!


Workshops Including:

  • The Herbal Medicine Maker with Susanna Reppert Brill of The Rosemary HouseGreen Drinks
  • Wooden Spatula Making with Todd White
  • Nature as Sacred Teacher and Healer with Mare Cromwell
  • Playful Writing in Nature with Carla Christopher
  • Homemade Salves and Balms with Alison Warfel
  • Homemade Household Products with Allison Engle
  • And more!

Spoutwood Farm Center is a 501 (c ) (3 ) non-profit educational farm located in Glen Rock, PA, 45 minutes from Baltimore, Lancaster, Harrisburg and Gettysburg.  For further info, check the website, call 717-235-6610 or email


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Spoutwood News

  • CSA News

    Please email for information on apprenticeships at Spoutwood Farm!

  • Faerie Festival News


  • Education News

    Registration is now open for Spoutwood's newest educational program!


    Spoutwood Farm Observatory

    Summer Star Camps

    Discover the sights and sounds of nature at night!  


    Perfect for Scouts, Schools, and Private Groups


    Delight in the natural world after the sun has set.  Explore the gardens and woods of Spoutwood Farm as you adventure on a guided night hike.  Experience the wonders above as you stargaze with an astronomer at the Spoutwood Observatory.


    Fees: $10/person, $100 minimum

    Contact: Chris Carpenter at

  • MEHF News


    Festival Vendors

    A. E. Hunley Apothecarie & Herbs

    Ambrosia Farm
    Antiquita Glassworks
    Beyond Comfort
    Bim Jones Original Art
    Bmore Dills   
    Bob's Critters
    Carla Christopher
    Cigar Box guitars
    Connecting With Mother Earth
    Dietz Produce
    Down Home Girl
    Earth & Iron
    Earth's Vibrations
    East West Balance
    Enchanted Woodcrafts
    Fourhman's Natural Foods
    Garden Parade and Crafts
    Glen Rock Mill Inn (Sun)
    Greenline Paper
    Heartwood Nursery
    Hole in my Pocket
    Honey Bees
    Horn Farm
    'L'lBrown Goat
    Megan Strott Art
    Mike Wurzbacher - Sustainable Wood-Fired Oven
    Nature Camps Inc
    Orchard Freeze (both days)
    Saubel's Market in Shrewsbury
    Scarecrow Making
    Sonnewald Natural Food
    Soul Burrito food truck (both days)
    Southeast Llama Rescue/Alpacas of Sunset Fields
    Spectrum food truck (Sat. only)
    Spoutwood Market
    Spoutwood Observatory
    Teen Battle Chef of Spoutwood Farm
    This Little Light of Mine
    Toni & Posie Paint!
    Tony the pizza guy (FFest pizza vendor - both days)
    Under One Sun (both days)
    Waffle Ice Cream and Coffee
    Watson Mules
    Whispering Rise Farm & Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

    Wild Tree


    Festival Performers
    Debe Stagmer –A lifetime storyteller for children of all ages.


    Jessica Star – Drums, bass, cello and guitar weave with Jessica’s compelling vocals and original music to uplift the spirit.


    Moxie and Mayham – A trio with acoustic guitar, bass and electric drums, playing mostly original music.


    Shane Speal – A blues/rock singer and songwriter who entertains with a  homemade cigar box guitar.


    The Sasanach – Traditional Irish fiddle music.


    The Wild Hymms – play music which can be described as haunting, lifting, jazz-influenced, and retro-sounding folk, with Latin, gypsy, jam and world influences.


    Three Dollar Suit – Their music tells stories of people and places, and is strewn with irony and humor, love, and thoughts of what could have been.


    Acro Omies - Join Rachel and Ulysses Wilson for acrobatic yoga demonstrations and coaching.  Whether you want to try stacking up with some friends in an human pyramid, basing and flying acro yoga inversions or simply wish to experience a gentle therapeutic flight that implements techniques from yoga and thai massage, we've got you covered!
    NO experience necessary. Come fly with us! :)


    Zac Anger – A solo acoustic, finger-style act, mostly original, performing new-age music.







  • Observatory News


    Spoutwood Farm Observatory

    News and Announcements

    Now in 2015! 
    Open for public observing, 3rd Friday of every month, at dark. 
    Next event: Friday, March 20th
    February 2015:  Jupiter at Opposition
    Jupiter, our solar system's largest planet, is very well placed in the northern sky the entire month of February. Opposition occurs on February 6th - on this date Earth and Jupiter are aligned in a straight line with Sun.  At opposition, Jupiter (or any outer planet) rises at sunset, sets at sunrise, and transits the meridian at midnight. 
    Opposition is the best time for viewing a planet - it is closest to the Earth at this point, and reaches maximum size and brightness. In the case of Jupiter, even a modest-sized telescope will reveal the Great Red Spot and a few of the larger equatorial belts - reddish-brown stripes that appear to cross the entire planet's disc. Especially during opposition, several smaller belts may also appear above and below the main equatorial belts, as well as eddies, swirls, and currents.
    One doesn't even need a telescope to see Jupiter's large Galilean moons - even small binoculars will reveal up to four bright, tiny pinpoints, always in the same plane as the equatorial stripes. First observed in 1609 by Galileo, these four moons - Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto - can be seen to move even in the course of a few hours viewing.
    Our second open house of 2015 will be held on Friday, February 20th at 6 p.m.  Though Jupiter will take center stage, we will also enjoy views of the Moon, the Orion Nebula, and much more - we hope to see you there!
    January 2015:  A New Comet?
    Once again the famous Australian amateur comet hunter Terry Lovejoy has discovered a comet that will grace the northern skies, this one at the beginning of the New Year.  Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 has already been spotted in binoculars at magnitude 6.1 in the southern hemisphere, on December 15th, 2014. Its path in the northern skies is very favorable for viewing as soon as it is dark, in or near the constellation Orion. At 6.1 magnitude, it currently hovers at the threshold of naked-eye visibility, and will certainly be visible to the naked eye with any significant brightening. Join us on Friday, January 16th for what is sure to be great look at Comet Lovejoy as well as breathtaking views of the winter sky.  See the Moon, Jupiter, the Orion Nebula, and much more through several powerful telescopes. As usual, a warming fire is available in the charming Frodo Building - parking is free and on the Frodo Hill.

                                   observatory winter stonehenge

                                                                                            Stonehenge in Winter                               



                              The Spoutwood Space Gallery

         The Spoutwood Farm Observatory is pleased to offer online our latest gallery of astrophotography, available on this website and on our Spoutwood Farm Observatory Facebook page. Enjoy digital CCD images of the Sun, Moon, and planets, as well as a large collection of deep sky images - nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, and more!

        observatory photos deep space M51 whirlpool 

                                                                  M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy